AWS re:Invent 2019 best picks

In the beginning of December, Amazon’s annual re:Invent conference took place in Las Vegas. At the event, more than 77 new products, services and functionalities were introduced. This meant a lot of news on topics such as security, artificial intelligence as well as quantum computers. ADM Cloudtech’s CEO Klemens Arro picked out eight new services introduced at re:Invent 2019 that he believes are especially important.

The Future is You – Why Companies Should Implement a Personalised Approach

Last week, Amazon announced that its machine learning service Amazon Personalize, which is focused on helping developers create individualised recommendations on their platform for their users, has now become generally available – although initially in certain regions only. This is a huge opportunity for companies who wish to bring a more personalised approach to one or more parts of their business, which according to research, is definitely something that companies should be focusing on more as they look towards the future.