Case study

Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia as it has more than 900,000 private and 132,000 business customers.

They offer a wide selection of financial services, including accounts, mortgages, insurances, credit cards, loans, pensions and investments, both for private customers and companies. Their goal is to help people and companies keep their finances in order over the long term. They follow three guiding values in all our activities: we are simple, open and caring.

The Challenge

  • The need for a secure video channel that could service at least 400 viewers at a time but could also enable reaching a much bigger audience when necessary
  • The pre-existing Microsoft Lync solution was not scalable enough to service the expected number of viewers and did not guarantee the expected level of quality for the stream
  • Public commercial solutions (e.g. YouTube) are not secure enough
  • The need to use a video solution that provides the highest level of security whilst remaining easily scalable
  • It must be possible to save past streams and to watch them later
  • Access to the stream must be verified and secure
  • The need to add both the live and past streams to the pre-existing information environment without it requiring a lot of work or additional development works

The Solution

Amazon Web Services’ consulting partner ADM Cloudtech designed the concept and structure for a new solution based on their own streaming solution Secure Stream TV and Amazon’s cloud services. A computer that has been properly set up and connected to a camera, a streaming server, and a VPN connection are used for the live streams. The live stream’s audience can watch the videos via their browser over a secure connection and only from predetermined IP addresses.

The video and audio data of the new solution are sent from a secure VPN connection on a secure camera-connected computer through the streaming server to AWS’s secure cloud server. All streamed video files will be automatically saved to AWS S3’s file service and encrypted with a unique key. All views (both during the stream and after) will be logged and archived within the AWS S3 file service. For a better overview of the service, a statistics engine has been connected to the video player, which analyses both real-time and saved video views.

The Timeline

  • Jan-Feb 2017Mapping out the clients needs and possible pre- existing solutions.

  • Feb 2017Creating the concept.

  • Mar-July 2017In-depth validation and testing of the security levels of the new solution.

  • Aug-Nov 2017Technical works, including setting up the software and hardware solutions.

  • Jan 2018Deploying the new solution.

The Team

To ensure the security, high quality and fast implementation we formed a professional team of client manager, project manager, cloud service architect, cloud service security architect, software architect, system administrators, front-end developers, testers and video&audio specialist.

The Benefits

The new Secure Stream TV solution enables highly secure video streaming where both data streaming and saving are encrypted. Live streams done via Secure Stream TV are automatically saved to Amazon’s AWS S3 cloud server. Videos saved to the cloud server can be shown within an internal network without the need for special settings or video editing. The number of clients who can watch a live stream at the same time is not limited.

In addition to the technical advantages and the high level of security, the use of a high- quality streaming service decreases the need for travel.

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