Few words about us

ADM Cloudtech is a dedicated business in ADM family that is specialised in providing the best cloud management services. ADM is the biggest digital agency group in the Baltics. We have been offering our service for international clients for more than 20 years. We are the first Amazon Web Services certified managed cloud hosting services company in Estonia.

Our clients are serious businesses, mainly from Europe but also from the US and Asia. They include Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola, Amnesty International, Bosch and Siemens, Telia Sonera, G4S, Unilever, Swedbank, G4S, EITI.org, Toyota, Tax and Customs Board (Estonia), Ministry of Finance (Estonia) and many other great local companies, state institutions and organisations.

ADM is the strongest digital agency and solutions developer in Estonia. We are continually expanding our services both at home in the Nordics and Globally. For years, we have been at the top of the Digital agencies and Agency Revenue lists of high earners. Our works have been awarded both locally and internationally. For 6 consecutive years, we have received awards from the Estonian digital competition Digitegu.

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We know how the web works

Our group has a strong background in web-based solutions development. Which differentiates us from regular hosting companies. We know how to design, manage and optimise hosting solutions for application needs. Most of our hosting architects have been software architects in their previous career’s. This helps us to create best infrastructure solutions for your specific software/application for best performance and optimal use of cloud hosting resources.

We optimise from end to end

We are focusing on optimising our internal processes and client infrastructure and DevOps procedures. This helps us to keep the final cost of infrastructure and management services as low as possible with the highest fault tolerance and availability.

If it can be automated, we will automate it

Together with our software development teams from our group we have built different automation, deployment and management solutions.

We are the first Amazon Web Services certified managed cloud hosting services company in Estonia.

Internationally certified and industry-engaged leader

We are not only dedicated to our clients' success but also deeply committed to advancing the industry both in Estonia and across Europe. Our active participation in various organisations and professional groups reflects this commitment. Our dedication and expertise have been internationally recognised through various prestigious certifications, showcasing our professional excellence.

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