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Amazon recently launched a new data backup service which helps developers and other AWS users conveniently back up their systems.

Data backup has been available through AWS for a long time, but with this update,using the service has been made more convenient and automatic.

According to ADM Hosting’s Managing Partner, Klemens Arro, this solution is significant for Estonia too. “Our experience shows that many organizationshere have no backup solution whatsoever. If there is something, it is usually outdated, hasn’t been tested for ages, and gives no confidence that in a crisis the data could even be restored. Now there is a new and simple solution to back up and protect one’s data”,Arrostated in his comments to Geenius.

One of the advantages of the new backup solution that they offer is compatibility: older or existing backup copies can be moved over to the AWS environment.

“Simply put, you just connect the backup solution you have today (be it tapes, disks, or anything else) to the AWS StorageGateway service and redirect the traffic from the previous server to the AWS Storage Gateway. You don’t have to implement any new solutions or change any old rules”, states Arro.

“We cannot forget that when talking about any backup service, security and speed have an important role to play. The entire AWS is undoubtedly secure, so there’s no need to worry about that. But speed, or latency, is another issue. For Estonia and the Baltics, the closest physical location is the Stockholm data centre, where users of this service can quickly backup and restore their data”, says Arro.