ADM Hosting have changed their name and trademark and as of today, they will be operating under their new name ADM Cloudtech in Estonia, the United Kingdom and Germany. The new trademark of the ADM group’s dedicated cloud technology business better conveys their essence and the constantly developing competencies of their team. The company will continue to offer the same services as previously.

“We took up our previous trademark at the end of 2016 and at the time, it conveyed the scope of our services very well. However, both cloud technologies in general as well as the ADM cloud technology business have developed incredibly fast and continue to do so to this day. Although our cloud technology business started out by offering hosting-related services, it quickly expanded into other areas connected to hosting as well. Today, our service portfolio has expanded so much that we realised that our previous trademark could potentially hold us back from developing and evolving further,” said the CEO of ADM Cloudtech, Klemens Arro.

Over the last two years, ADM’s cloud technology business has expanded into the UK and Germany under the name ADM Hosting, and they have been increasingly focused on servicing their international clients in Europe.

“Alongside our geographical expansion, we have also expanded both in content and as an organisation – we have become a strategic partner for our clients who expect a future-oriented vision and the capability of realising even the toughest IT solutions from us. Another major milestone for us is the fact that just this month, we founded our company in the UK and started recruiting local employees there,” said Arro.
According to him, ADM Cloudtech’s ambitious future directions are also illustrated by them receiving the Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner Certificate and winning the British government’s cloud services framework procurement.

The company’s web address will also change along with the name today. Their new address is now The company’s logo and various other brand elements will also undergo an update.