The cloud is already decade-old technology but continues to be a hot topic in 2022. We will see some new challenges in cloud security, turbulent changes in data analytics and IT roles, and growing attention towards the environment. Despite the challenges, the cloud has proven to be something that can be trusted, and this year we will finally see large fintech enterprises moving more and more from on-premises solutions to cloud or hybrid solutions. Blockchain is another important keyword to keep in mind in 2022 – but not only in connection to cryptocurrency but also increasingly to cloud technology.

TOP 8 industry insiders predict 2022 trends in cloud tech

One of the predictions is that the cloud is going to become more of an operating system or operating model, and its usage is becoming less about trimming expenses and more about linking it to business objectives. Other interesting projections about the cloud include AI, machine learning, data analytics, and the new kid on the block – the metaverse.

Traditional economy sectors have been hesitant adopting the cloud. In 2022, this is finally about to change

ThereLast year, we learned how the world’s largest retail chain with 220 million weekly customers created a blockchain network to automate their logistics processes. The system eliminated payments problems, led to significant operational efficiencies, and improved business processes. Retail is not the only traditional economy sector in the middle of rapid cloud adoption. Banks, that have so far been slow to adopt cloud computing, are also turning their heads towards the future and are preparing for huge changes related to the cloud.

New Challenges in Data Management in 2022 and How You Should Prepare

The burdens of enterprise data management continue to expand. Largely, this is driven by rising data growth, but emerging trends in DataOps and CloudOps also have a significant role to play. This leads to the increasing need to make critical decisions about what kind of data should be preserved, what could be saved only temporarily, and what should be deleted forever. These tough decisions are directly connected to data protection and, consequently, the changing roles of existing IT and analytics jobs. All of this will force enterprises to find ways of quickly adapting to these rapid changes. 

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