Client Stories

VendEx Solutions is creating the world’s first centralised hub for the financial services market data industry. Working in tandem with the world’s largest financial institutions and vendors, it is creating a fully integrated ecosystem of tools for managing financial market vendor relationships. To achieve this, ADM Cloudtech is helping VendEx Solutions to implement ‘best of industry’ cloud solutions.

As an early stage fintech company, VendEx Solutions carefully manages its cost base and is always looking for the best value-to-cost ratio. An integral part of its business is data, including the cloud technology to turn that data into information. VendEx Solutions’ Chief Product Officer Mike Bruno explains that in the summer of 2020, VendEx determined they could not continue to enhance their products at the rate needed and expected by customers unless they took the next step.

Mike Bruno: “After the latest release of one of our products, we began seeking a cloud technology partner who could provide quality product development resources at a compelling price. We looked no further than ADM. We had been talking to them behind the scenes since early 2019 and were impressed with their level of integrity and quality of their business model. After concluding our due diligence, which included reviewing a portfolio of several of their prior development projects, hearing from our AWS account team that ADM was an AWS development partner, and a review of their fee structure, we decided to move forward with ADM. We found ADM Cloudtech to be flexible and accommodating in contract negotiations.”

Smooth onboarding

As a first step, VendEx Solutions provided the ADM Cloudtech team with access to their existing cloud service – AWS – development account and environments, and also to their code base. Further to this, ADM reviewed the environments, code and general development architecture.

Kevin London, Managing Director of ADM Cloudtech UK, explained that getting familiar with every detail is an integral part of offering best IT solutions: “Becoming familiar with all technical details before offering any specific solution is vital. In co-operation with VendEx, we analysed their challenges and offered solutions accordingly.”

According to Mike Bruno, ADM Cloudtech quickly came up to speed on their business solutions and technology: “We were further pleased when, a few weeks later, ADM Cloudtech were able to devise and implement fixes to several outstanding bugs we reported to them.”

First 90 days

After three months of working closely with VendEx Solutions, Mike Bruno believes that the value-to-cost ratio has improved, and their product management team has seen big improvements thanks to the collaboration of the ADM Cloudtech team.

Bruno explains that VendEx Solutions continue to be pleased with ADM Cloudtech’s level of skill and productivity: “We’re very pleased with Cloudtech’s can-do attitude, their fixing all the bugs we brought to their attention and the design and development of our latest product. ADM Cloudtech’s team is professional and collegial, and that makes our working relationship relatively stress-free. You might be surprised at how important that is, but we take it seriously.”

Nate Prodromou, VendEx Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer, agrees: “The depth of the proverbial bench at ADM and their knowledge of AWS services and features have been instrumental as we work to navigate development of an enterprise class solution while still maximizing the value of our development spend.”

Bruno added that Cloudtech’s development team is highly skilled and provide thoughtful technology solutions to problems and requirements. “They deliver a quality product and they do it in a collaborative manner and at a compelling price. Furthermore, we have continued to be impressed with the sales team’s account management post engagement and are looking to expand our footprint with ADM. We couldn’t ask for more.”