Amazon’s cloud service AWS selected ADM Cloudtech to join their Public Sector Partner Program, which is the next step in Cloudtech’s strategic plan of offering a wider selection of services to the public sectors in Estonia, the UK, Germany and other European Union countries.

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program brings together existing Amazon partners who have experience in offering services to governmental, educational and non-profit clients.

According to Klemens Arro, Managing Partner at ADM Cloudtech, being a part of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program helps the company to attain the best possible visibility and get noticed by public sector organisations, “To us, joining this program is a huge recognition, but it is also strategically necessary in helping us secure our position in the eyes of the public sector clients in Estonia, the UK and Germany. Thanks to the fact that we are not part of this program, we can offer scalable and cost-effective AWS-based solutions even more efficiently. This is especially important to our bigger clients, such as Amnesty International, On-Pack Recycling Label who manage the labelling system used on product packaging in the UK, and the various organisations who belong to the network of the National Health Service, which is the largest national health service provider in the UK. Additionally, Amazon offers support services to the companies in their program, which makes it easier for those companies to enter new markets and develop new services.”

Arro says that in addition to giving ADM Cloudtech the right to represent clients as their management service provider, belonging to the AWS Public Sector Partner Program also gives Cloudtech the right to legally resell AWS services, “This is a significant change for our Estonian and European clients as now, they will not have to sign a separate contract with Amazon, but can instead sign up for the services of the world’s biggest cloud solutions company directly via a local company. This is also very important for the public sector since there is a lot less paperwork that usually comes along with various contracts.”

Companies who belong to the Partner Program also receive a special badge, they get to use the services offered by the AWS development team, they receive support when participating in public procurements, and they gain access to the support services offered to public sector sales teams.

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program was founded in 2016 and it includes less than 1000 technology companies from across the world.