ADM Cloudtech signed a cooperation agreement with cloud services company Primend with whom their goal is to offer organisations in the UK a wide array of IT solutions.

According to the agreement, which was signed in September, ADM Cloudtech and Primend will start jointly offering cloud and software services to existing and new ADM Cloudtech clients operating in the UK.

“Our goal has always been to help our clients achieve their business goals as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Since the nature of our services puts us right in the middle of our clients’ business critical systems, then we come into contact with a very wide range of requirements. To ensure that our clients can focus on their main activities and not have to worry, we often bring in our own partners who bring other qualifications with them and help us cover the aforementioned range of requirements. One such service that our clients often ask for is Microsoft Office365. Primend is one of the best players in that area and their knowledge of Office365 and experience in deploying it to organisations of various sizes complements our expertise in the best possible way,” said Klemens Arro, Managing Partner at ADM Cloudtech.

“Primend’s mission goal is to create solutions for people who wish to make their companies more successful and we feel that in that, our goals are aligned with ADM. We have never been afraid of cooperation nor bringing partners along on projects if that means we are able to offer our clients the best possible service. That is why we are very glad to start this cooperation with ADM in conquering the market in the UK, where we can aid them with our long-term experience in deploying Microsoft’s cloud services and by offering consultation services to new clients to help them think outside the box, which will help them set their goals much faster”, said Rene Kaalo, Co-Founder and Cloud Service Sales Manager at Primend.

In summer this year, ADM Cloudtech won the British government’s cloud services framework procurement in all categories and was thus added to the national database, which henceforth allows ADM Cloudtech to bid for national cloud service procurements via a simple, automated process.