For the second time, ADM Cloudtech has won the British government’s cloud services framework procurement in all categories and they were now officially added to the national database, which allows Cloudtech to bid for national cloud service procurements via a simple, automated process.

ADM Cloudtech bid for the procurement in all categories – cloud service hosting, software and support services – and they were named winner in each category.

“This is the second time we have participated in the British government’s cloud services framework procurement. Last time around, we won the support services category, but this time, we got all three. This goes hand-in-hand with our expansion strategy. So far, we have already opened up an office in London, hired employees there, and we have signed various service contracts with the local companies there. Now we can also say that we are one of the British government’s preferred partners in all areas of cloud computing,” said the CEO of ADM Cloudtech, Klemens Arro.

According to Arro, winning the procurement means two things for ADM Cloudtech: on the one hand, new and bigger business opportunities in the United Kingdom, on the other, bigger responsibilities. “For us, providing these services for the government of the UK is a very big step towards Cloudtech’s expansion in Europe, but at the same time, it also means a bigger responsibility than we have previously had.”

The Government Cloud First policy, which was introduced by the UK’s government in 2013, makes it mandatory for all public sector organisations who are procuring IT services to first evaluate public cloud services before considering any other options. To simplify the procurement process, the government organises framework procurements that all qualifying service providers can participate in. The last cloud services framework procurement’s results were published on July 2, 2019 and it was won by the Estonian company ADM Cloudtech.

The cloud services programme UK Government G-Cloud, introduced in 2012, aims to make it easier to organise IT procurements related to cloud computing for the governmental bodies of the UK. To achieve this, framework procurements are organised where the companies who manage to make winning bids are all added to the Digital Marketplace database, an environment that the UK’s public sector organisation can use to procure cloud computing services.

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