Estonian digital agency ADM Hosting won the British government’s cloud services framework procurement and was added to their national database. This gives the company automatic, simplified access to participate in cloud service procurement offers.

The British government’s 2013 Government Cloud First policy obligates all government agencies to consider cloud-based options above any other when procuring IT services. In order to simplify the procurement process, framework procurements are organized where all qualified service providers can participate. ADM Hosting won the last cloud service framework procurement.

According to ADM Hosting Managing Partner, Klemens Arro, they prepared thoroughly for the framework procurement. “We had to meet a variety of demands from having a diverse team to being an environmentally conscious business. That in addition to the regular technical requirements as well as preparedness for background checks if we start to handle data that is protected under state secret,” he described.

“As far as we know, ADM Hosting is the first Estonian hosting company that has won such a high-level procurement with such strict standards,” Arro added.

According to him, winning the framework procurement means new and larger business opportunities in Great Britain for ADM Hosting alongside greater responsibility. “Even though ADM Hosting has served British clients for years and we have a local office there, providing our services for government agencies is a big leap forward in our enlargement in Europe. It is also a very important step in experience and responsibility for us,” Arro noted.

The British government’s G-Cloud service program was initiated in 2012 to simplify IT procurements tied to cloud-based data processing for government agencies. The program holds calls for framework procurements and winning service providers are added to a Digital Marketplace database. This is the platform that most British public sector organizations use to procure their cloud technology services.

ADM Hosting is part of the ADM Group, which was founded in 1997, has 110 employees and offers digital, IT development and infrastructure solutions. The Group’s annual turnover is almost 9 million Euros, 40% of which is from exports.

ADM Hosting is specialized in Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud technologies. The company’s list of clients includes Hewlett-Packard, Bosch & Siemens Home, Amnesty International UK, G4S, Coop, Swedbank, Amserv, SK ID Solutions and others.