ADM Hosting became the first Estonian company to be recognized by Amazon Web Service with a consultation partner certificate. This became possible after a thorough training session, attestation and proof of the long-term sustainability of the company.

Global cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) has consistently expanded its services in order to support all volumes of cloud operations. Today, they provide more than 90 services, including processing, storage, network and analytics applications as well as management, development, mobile, security, artificial intelligence and business applications, among others. AWS has a vibrant partnership community and the AWS Partner Network (APN) issues certificates that attest to the skills of AWS partners.

“In order to get a consultation partner certificate, we underwent an individual certification process where we had to prove our team’s expertise in cloud services. After thorough training, we took exams in special rooms under very strict supervision. In addition to the architects, we had to pass seven other accreditations to prove our team’s knowledge of business and cyber security. We also had to prove that our clients are satisfied with the services we provide and that our new business plan is economically sustainable,” said ADM Hosting Managing Partner Klemens Arro. He also added that ADM Hosting must repeat the attestation process regularly in order to maintain the status.

Being an AWS partner gives ADM access to the Amazon training program through which they can train their own specialists.

“It’s also important for us to be visible in the AWS partner database – foreign companies looking for partners will now see us as an option. We believe that this will bring us new clients and help us to grow our export,” Arro said.

As one of their foreign clients, ADM migrated the human rights organization Amnesty International’s Great Britain branch to the AWS cloud: “Until the year 2015, we used a hosting environment that was expensive, ineffective and unstable. Our site was always crashing during critical moments of important campaigns. But now, we are clients of ADM Hosting who provide us with a website that is faster and more trustworthy than ever before and allow us to take advantage of scalability and cost effectiveness. ADM Hosting helped us migrate all our vital components to the AWS cloud, saving us time and money and decreasing our hosting costs by 30%. Our development costs are also lower now but we can still adopt new functions much faster, allowing us to involve more and more people in the fight for human rights,” said the Digital Communications Manager of the Amnesty International Great Britain branch, Sam Strudwick.