ADM and Datanor at the EDF Defence Hackathon

The Estonian Defence Forces Defence Hackathon 2020 saw participants working to create exciting solutions in 48 hours, all with the same goal – to increase Estonia’s defence capabilities. MedKiosk was chosen as the winner from among the 11 participating teams. Additionally, one team will also be able to finalise their idea at ADM’s monthly Big Friday event.

Six pieces of advice for successfully diversifying your company

Introducing diversity to the workplace may require a lot more work than you would initially guess since in addition to educating people, it also requires them changing their attitudes and stepping outside of their comfort zones. This is also precisely the reason why every company must support the creation of a diverse environment and diverse hiring. How to go about it most efficiently?

Diverse companies earn higher profits

Over 100 different people work at ADM Group, each with their own unique background and different characteristics. For us, it is important that our employees are happy and that the cooperation between us goes smoothly, without any obstacles, as this is the only way for us to create truly smart solutions. One important prerequisite for this is diversity.

Working from home with a workstation instead of a laptop

One of the main problems that arises with having to work from home is a lack of computers to work with. Most of the time, companies try to resolve this issue by allowing their employees to work from their home computers, hoping that they will be able to get the job done with those. Alternatively, the company will purchase a huge number of laptops as quickly as possible and set those up according to the company’s requirements.

The Challenges of Remote Working

When work and entertainment all move online, then it not only puts people’s patience to the test, but also technology. When children had to start online schoolwork and parents remote work on Monday, then it became clear quite quickly that the creators of existing systems were not prepared for such a sudden load increase. Since the virus is affecting all countries, then not even the biggest service providers were safe – not only was eKool in Estonia experiencing technical difficulties for a short while, but even Microsoft’s teamwork solution Teams and its messaging platform were affected.

Klemens Arro: the keywords for this year are data and privacy. Do not share your data with everyone who asks for it on your phone, because you can never be sure of how it will be used

“Data is one of our most valuable possessions and people should treat protecting it much more seriously than they do right now. And companies who do not take it seriously must start honestly admitting what they do with the data they collect,” said the CEO of ADM Cloudtech, Klemens Arro.

AWS re:Invent 2019 best picks

In the beginning of December, Amazon’s annual re:Invent conference took place in Las Vegas. At the event, more than 77 new products, services and functionalities were introduced. This meant a lot of news on topics such as security, artificial intelligence as well as quantum computers. ADM Cloudtech’s CEO Klemens Arro picked out eight new services introduced at re:Invent 2019 that he believes are especially important.

Creditinfo awarded ADM group the Strongest in Estonia certificate

For the last 13 years, the internationally recognised credit assessment company Creditinfo Eesti AS has acknowledged Estonian companies with high credit ratings with the Strongest in Estonia certificate. Among those are ADM Cloudtech and other companies that belong to the ADM group who recently received the title of Strongest in Estonia 2015-2019. Although the certificate and title have only been issued since 2006, ADM group has always maintained a high A-group credit rating since its founding in last century.

ADM won the Grand Prix prize at the Digital Marketing Achievement Award 2019

ADM Interactive won the Grand Prix prize at the Digital Marketing Achievement Award 2019 (Aasta Digitegu 2019) competition. The nominees for the Grand Prix prize included all of the winners of the Aasta Digitegu 2019 categories as well as the online advertising category winners. The project that earned ADM the main prize is the interactive banner created for airBaltic, which is integrated with the airline’s sales system and based on AWS’s serverless architecture. The banner solution was created in cooperation with Mediabrands Digital. The prizes were given out at the Best Internet conference held in Tallinn on November 12.

ADM recognized for creating Bosch Home Appliances’s enhanced booking environment

BSH´s Northern European Customer Services organization won the BSH Global Customer Service Best Practice Award 2019. With regards to that, ADM was recognised for the new solution they created, which will be enhancing the current Bosch Home Appliances Customer Service booking environment. The new solution was tested successfully in Northern Europe and will be implemented globally.
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