Digital solutions agency ADM is made up of many specialized units. One of them is ADM Hosting, which is focused on cloud services. Due to the structure of the company, we can provide our customers with better advice and better service, which in turn means that they can achieve their business goals in a more intelligent and efficient way in the digital world.

We created the ADM Hosting team to offer different types of cloud services. We know how to migrate any complex, existing solutions or create all new ones – whichever is more beneficial to the customer. We also manage, maintain and monitor to make sure a client’s solution retains the quality they have come to expect.

Cool, cutting edge technologies are inseparable companions for the ADM Hosting team. Whether that be a deployment process or automating our own work, the latest in architectural models like microservers or going serverless, teaching computers to think using artificial intelligence or machine learning models, or applying big data to achieve business goals.

We use the hottest new technologies to improve the services we provide our customers and to automate our own work and you can see them in action at our regular “The Future Just Became History” events where we test our skills through projects and practical experience with technologies that won’t reach the masses until the future. All we’re missing are drones, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Does that sound exciting and make you want to know more? Great! This is your chance because ADM Hosting is looking for a project manager who gets IT, is ready to learn and who will be responsible for taming our cloud technology projects.

This is not just a job; it’s a modern opportunity to work with international clients and to improve your skills in a great team, said ADM Hosting Managing Partner Klemens Arro (on the right in the opening photo).

Who exactly are you looking for?

We are looking for an IT person who loves managing IT projects and is constantly thirsty for new knowledge.

Even though we don’t expect this person to know everything about cloud services right off the bat, knowledge in the field is definitely a bonus. We know that we will probably have to train our strong cloud ninja and test their new knowledge through difficult exams and help them prove themselves with official certificates.

This is common practice at ADM because we don’t believe that people have to be tied to the roles they have chosen forever. For example, we have retrained systems administrators who managed on premises systems and have never had contact with cloud-based services. These kinds of changing roles help our people see the big picture and offer more effective solutions.

2017 turnover:

million EUR

Number of employees:

Our well-known clients:
Hewlett-Packard, COOP, Elisa, Amnesty International, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Swedbank

Where is the job located and who is it on the team?

A cloud services project manager is an A-list team player, a control freak in the best sense of the word while also being a born diplomat. Because of his or her role, the project manager is the link between clients and colleagues, interpreting the needs and wishes of the former into job assignments for the latter while keeping a constant eye on the progress to make sure all work gets done on time.

Though most of the work will be done in Estonia, we also service clients in London and, starting this year, in Germany. For the most part, we communicate with international clients through videoconference and other online means, but the project manager also has opportunities to travel to different European countries.

What is your cool office like?

Our offices located in the Tallinn Creative Hub really are cool, but not only for their interior design. We have done a lot to make our people feel good: we have ping-pong, foosball, the prerequisite PlayStation that all IT companies must have, quiet spaces and much more. Thanks to the great location, our office has rooftop terraces with both old town and sea views where we can work in the fresh air and sun, simply enjoy the summer or even grill our favourite sausages.

In addition to the recreation areas, we have worked together with the other agencies at the Cultural Hub to create a joint co-working/leisure area. People can simply spend time there or work in a freer atmosphere. We also have cinema nights, training sessions and workshops, exercise classes, massage and, of course, throw larger parties there. Sometimes we organize them ourselves, sometimes with the other agencies in the building. It’s also not uncommon for someone to have an event and invite others to join in for a night of board games or poker, not to mention LAN parties and ping-pong tournaments.

What is your team like?

ADM employees are professional and dedicated, friendly, cool people. It’s hard to imagine a more awesome team.

Our people truly love their jobs, put their souls into it and are always ready to improve their knowledge and skills. They truly do want to create the best solutions out there. But that doesn’t mean that everyone works quietly in his or her own corner. Quite the opposite! We have a long standing tradition that problems aren’t solved on our own but brought to the team and solved with the benefit of the vast knowledge base we collectively have to offer.

And we get along after the working day is over also. We get together regularly for spontaneous events at work and in our free time. This can just mean hanging out at the Creative Hub building, going out for bowling, hiking, exercising together, catching a movie, or anything else fun.

Managing Partner

Systems administrator

How does ADM support its workers?

We are a family and worker friendly company – and those are not just words, we actually participate in a program that measures this. There are many categories and we have achieved a gold standard in most of them.

One of the more important aspects is the physical health of our workers. First, that means a sports allowance, which can be used to train at selected gyms or for any other sports or exercise regimes. We have a trainer come to the office weekly and anyone can voluntarily take part in our office exercise routine. I go and it’s really cool! We also have weekly vitamin days when we offer a wide array of healthy snacks and a masseur visits the office regularly.

We have a lot of benefits for employees with children. We have a play corner in the office, but we also support parents with flexible schedules and much more.

In addition to all that, our mental health could also use a workout sometimes. We even offer the services of a therapist and self-development and competence coach (Clifton StrengthsFinder) who can help with advice and support when needed.

What else do you have to offer people who come to work for you?

ADM applies principles of employee involvement and personal strength management based on the Gallup Q12 and Clifton Strength Finder.

When someone applies for a job with us, they have to pass different stages in the recruitment process. The last phase is a strengths test. This assesses the personality strengths of that specific person to find out their strongest traits.

We use this info in compiling teams and delegating assignments. It helps us to include introverted and extraverts in one team or help them interact in a group. Of course, the indicators are much more complicated than just those two personality traits.

We have a consultant who works with the strengths of our team and helps analyze our people when necessary to find out what they are good at. In other words – our goal is not to find out people’s weaknesses and work on those but rather to see their strengths and take advantage of them. This is the most convenient and logical way of working for everyone.

I have used this test myself and found the results to be very interesting but also very accurate: for a long time, I have tried to figure out how to manage my time better but when we look at my strengths, that actually isn’t important. Due to my personality, my time management will never be very structured. In my case, it was clear that I should approach this issue from a different angle.

The test gives you personal feedback that can be useful in any complicated or conflicted situation.